Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Manga Collection

Its one of my hobby to read book, well actually its manga, manga is a comic that came from japan. [click here] for more detail about manga. People always said that it so childish thing to read a comic in such age average 18 above. But for me it not a childish to read a manga or Anime .
 The reason i said that because, the creator of that comic or called Mangaka is not a children but an adult. So, there is no such a childish or whatsoever thing toward people that really like to read a comic or manga. But, some time there is pro and con about reading a comic. 
The one that could think right now is, waste of time. 
But i disagree with that because, it not take to long to read about 50-100 pages comic. it take about less than one hour. Compare than you read a text book that average about 100-200 pages take about a month. But here im not to provoke you all from reading a text book. 
it a good thing to read both of 'em just wisely divide your time. Nowadays, manga is not only read by Japanese but also whole world. it really amaze me to know that a well known of country with their #1 technology but still can produce such a fine art that express through manga. But sadly for them, that they just been through hard time when tsunami hit them. 
Well just forget about it, im write just want to share about manga, one of the largest industry in Japan. Actually there is may country try to produce same quality of manga like Japan did, but the quality is not same as Japan's. The just did like they own way. But there is one that could do same as Japan which Korea, but the pronounce is not manga but Manwha . 
Manga is up to many genre such as Adventure • Comedy • Fantasy • Magic • Romance • Shoujo  and many more. To make it simple, try search internet for a popular manga, or find an online site that provide you a free reading online manga. From that you will known how far Japan has go in his industry. Try it give a hit...thank for reading.

Chaque Siz....


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