Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Custom Form

here i share the custom form which is require in the documentation of import export and sort of...
so here is




Custom Forms

All imported goods, both dutiable or not, must be declared in the prescribed forms and be submitted to the customs station at the place of import. The prescribed forms are the following:

• Customs Form no. 1: Declaration of goods imported
• Customs Form no. 2: Declaration of goods to be exported
• Customs Form no. 3: Application/ Permit to transport goods within the
• Customs Form no. 8: Application/ Permit to tranship/remove goods
• Customs Form no. 9: Requisition/ Permit to remove dutiable goods from customs

Supporting documents for the declaration forms are as follows:
1. Delivery order
2. Packing list
3. Original invoice
4. Bill of lading
5. Certificate of origin
6. Import licenses which may be required by a proper officer of customs


Layman's term
K1 - Import for dutiable and non-dutiable goods.
K2 - Export for dutiable and non-dutiable goods.
K3 - Import & Export of dutiable and non-dutiable goods within Malysia.
K8 - Declaration of duty not paid goods
a) By rail - Pasir Gudang declared K8 to rail the containers from Pasir Gudang to Port Klang without paying the duty. Port Klang declared K1 to clear the containers by paying duty. (Dutiable cargo)
b) Transhipment - From one port tranship from another port. K8 can move container from westport to northport and vice versa without paying duty.
K9 - Clear dutiable cargo slowly out from bonded warehouse. K8 declares for the container truck into bonded warehouse and K9 clears the cargo partial by partial out from the warehouse probably due to high duty charges.


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